Linda, RVT

Personal change in my life gave me the motivation to pursue a lifelong desire to work in the veterinary field. Having many pets throughout my life always confirmed I had to be around them. I learned a lot from different pet circumstances and it seemed I had the Ellie Mae touch. A Canadian goose actually took a blade of grass from my fingers and I freed a goat who managed to get his head trapped in a fence. Afterwards, he literally stood there as if to say, “thank you for stopping to help me”. Though I didn’t have an opportunity for employment or to volunteer with animals as a young adult, I knew my career change was a no brainer…I enrolled in the Veterinary Technician program in SC in 2007. That same year, met my longtime fiancee, Phil, an aircraft mechanic, and eventually moved here to Indiana in 2008. I graduated from Vet Tech Institute @ International Business College in 2010, and registered vet tech in 2011. Since graduation, I have worked in general practice, emergency ICU, and most recently, canine physical therapy. I love physical therapy and how it has helped so many patients and their specific needs.

I joined Westwood in March 2019. I continue to learn from others who have a passion and bond with our furry companions.
I have lived here in Brownsburg for 5 years. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and have started rescuing rodents…4 hamsters, a gerbil and a chinchilla. They are quite the entertainment. I am also a volunteer at the zoo. I look forward to meeting all of the Westwood clients and your fur babies soon!

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